Skin Infusion Lotion

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Bottle size: 8 oz.

Suggested adult usage: Apply as needed to affected areas.

If you are suffering from the pain, itching, burning, blisters, or sensitive skin that can accompany inflammation of the skin or nerves, you know who you are! If so, please give our soothing Skin Infusion a try. It may be the relief you’ve been searching for!

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Skin Infusion contains a skin-soothing, pain-relieving blend of:
• Chamomile
• Lady’s Mantle
• Melilot
• Licorice Root Oak Bark
• Oatmeal
• Sage

An unassuming daisy-like plant, chamomile is a storehouse for a number of powerful chemical compounds. One of which is bisabolol, that acts as an antispasmodic, relaxing the smooth muscles and relieving tension and pain. For various skin problems, chamomile has an intense soothing effect on the problem area with its calming anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile also:
• Has shown to be a potential antiviral agent against viral conditions that can cause sores on the skin.
• Can be applied directly to the skin to help reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, burning, rash, and irritation.
• Helps relieve the dryness and itching caused by various skin conditions.
• Contains a chemical called apigenin that calms down the central nervous system and helps promote rest while reducing nerve pain.
• Chamomile is known as a natural pain reliever and an antispasmodic (calms the nerves). It has shown to be particularly helpful for muscle and nerve pain.

Lady’s Mantle:
An ingredient in lotions, lady’s mantle softens dry skin and relieves skin irritations. Rich in antioxidant flavonoids and astringent tannins, lady’s mantle possesses excellent tissue firming properties and was once recognized as one of the best known wound repairing herbs. Lady’s mantle also:
• Has anti-inflammatory properties that help repair sores and soothe inflamed wounds.
• Causes an astringent effect on the skin, and helps to protect the newly formed elastin fibers. Elastin is required for skin elasticity, and is a protein in the skin, which together with collagen and glycosaminoglycans makes up the connective tissue.
• Can be used to promote the repair of sores and septic wounds.
• Contains properties that help tone the veins and help with vascular health.

Helps reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Used to clean, soothe, and repair sores or blisters.

Oak Bark:
Is a powerful astringent, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. Protects injured tissues by accelerating skin cell regrowth. Helps create a protective coat under which regeneration of new healthy tissues may take place.

Licorice Root:
A skin soother, licorice root helps to reduce itching, inflammation, and pain.

Oatmeal (Oats):
Softens and soothes the skin. Oats are very beneficial to the skin and have been used successfully over hundreds of years for the relief of many types of skin problems. Particularly helpful for itching and pain.

Contains astringent and antiseptic properties that help to relieve skin ulcers, blisters, and rashes.

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, Stearic acid, Emulsifying wax, Coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, Herbal Skin Infusion, Germaben II, & Distilled water

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