Butcher’s Broom

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Bottle size: 100 capsules

Suggested adult usage:  Take 2 capsules a day with food.

Approximate supply: 50 days

Do you suffer from bulging veins, blood circulation problems, fluid retention, ankle swelling or hemorrhoids? Butcher’s Broom may be just what you’re looking for!


It may sound like an herb with some rather aggressive action, but in reality Butcher’s Broom is a very gentle herb used for several conditions related to our blood and its circulation. Its name arose from much earlier times when butchers would tie the herb’s twigs together and use these as brooms to sweep their cutting-boards clean.

It is known to enhance the blood flow to the brain, legs and hands. It is used to treat orthostatic hypotension (also called postural hypotension), a form of low blood pressure that can cause dizziness when a person stands up, which occurs because the blood vessels are not constricting (tightening) as they should.

Butcher’s Broom has the effect of tightening the larger blood vessels as well as the capillaries, and has been found to particularly assist with the condition of bulging veins. It also helps to relieve other symptoms of poor blood circulation such as pain, heaviness, itching, leg swelling, and cramps. It is believed to improve these conditions by promoting healthy microcirculation, capillary flow, and by strengthening connective tissue.

Hope for Health’s Butcher’s Broom Can Help:

  • Strengthen collagen
  • Tighten blood vessels
  • Improve the flexibility of blood vessel walls
  • Speed the healing of fractures
  • Reduce swelling
  • Relieve hemorrhoids
  • Flush gallstones
  • Act as diuretic to increase urine output 

How does Butcher’s Broom actually work? 

  • It is believed the chemicals in Butcher’s Broom activate receptors which stimulate the release of noradrenaline in our bodies to increase its vascular tone and constrict blood vessels, and that it may improve blood circulation in the legs by thereby preventing blood from “pooling” in the veins.

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties which are used in the prevention of artery build up (plaque).

  • It is known for its successful action on hemorrhoids. Its anti-inflammatory and vein-constricting properties are believed to improve the tone and integrity of veins and shrink the swollen tissue.

Butcher’s Broom was approved by the German Commission E (Germany’s version of the FDA) as a remedy for hemorrhoids after a 1999 clinical trial supported its reputation as a proven effective remedy.

Customer Testimonials: 

“Butcher’s Broom has been a miracle for me. My legs no longer have the heavy feeling and discomfort. I can also FINALLY sleep at night. Butcher’s Broom revives your legs!!” B.D.

“For 10 months I had a problem with hemorrhoids. I did some reading and found out about Hope for Health’s Butcher’s Broom. I ordered it and in no time I was all better. This stuff saved my behind, literally.” – G.E.

“I take Butcher’s Broom twice a day and drink plenty of water, and it really does reduce the swelling in my legs. It even worked on some stubborn spider veins. Its also a great natural diuretic. LOVE IT!” – M.J.

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