I thank you so much for the wonderful supplements and your informative ” Good New ” newsletter. I have learned much from you that has helped improve my health. I have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia ( for about 15 yrs ) . When i started taking the Anamu, about 5 yrs ago, it began to improve immediately. In two weeks the swelling that had been in my tonsils for 6 months, was gone. I tried to do without the Anamu and the swelling returned. I went back on the Anamu and the tonsils returned to normal once again. Each year the leukemia has improved a little more. My goal is to see it completely gone, as though it had never been. Thank you! and thank God!Satisfied customer

We truly have been blessed by this site as well as the DVDs and news bullitin,Our faith has grown in the lord and study time more in Gods word,it is so wonderful to feel a part of your gathering even if from a distance, thank you.Wayne and Tammie Keller Customer

Greetings to all. Thank you kindly for the ?Good News.? I truly enjoy each and every story.I mentioned in one of my little notes to you that I use some of the stories for our children at church. I often have figurines to go with the stories, which the children enjoy. I just have to mention this when our minister has a story for them. (he always says he does not have figurines like Miss Julie has) I was going through my DVDs. I wonder if you have an extra DVD on the dangers of Meat Consumption #1? I have 2,3 & 4. If you do, I would truly appreciate it if you would mail it to me. God bless each and every one at Hope International with peace and good health. I?ll be 93 in December, the Good Lord willing. My daughter and I are caregivers to my sister, who had a stroke a year ago. She is 96 years old. We are truly blessed that she is not bed-ridden. I have lupus, but am doing quite well. God is in charge! We praise Him daily for His blessings. With Christian loveJ.S. Whiting, IN

Early this year I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to prepay my tithe in the amount of my previous years. The Lord has truly blessed and has kept me employed and because of the wonderful products like Swedish Bitters liquid and salve, also the Green Clay, some of my health problems have all but disappeared. It seems my digestive powers were very weak and the Swedish bitters liquid has made a major difference in my life. Foods that made me break out in hives and rashes I can now eat with no problems. My improved digestion has enabled me to get more vitamins and minerals from my foods. It has even gotten to the point that I had to cut back on my B-complex from every day to every other day because now I was getting an overdose, as it is easy to do with synthetic supplements. Whole food supplements are really the way to go. May God bless your ministry and help you prepare for eternity.D.S. Carol Stream, IL

Thank you for the health messages and spreading the gospel through these DVDs.? A.G. Chappell Hill, TX

You sent a DVD to our church and it was given to me to evaluate. I was, and am, favorably impressed and will introduce your work to our church and others. As Religious Liberty Director, I am always on the lookout for helpful material on that subject. I will be researching your magazine and DVD archives for help.Thank you for your ministryJ.P

We really enjoy the “Good News” newsletter and the short stories, etc. Some I use for Sabbath for the children, some I use for the adults. Please keep them coming!D.S. Mansfield, OH

Pastor Joe, Thank you for the DVDs and your faithful messages to God’s people in these last days, just before Jesus comes again. I ask the Lord to look out for you and your family and the work you do to help finish the work so that Jesus can come soon. We wish we could do more to help. God blessD.S. San Juan Capo, CA

I found one of your DVD’s. It was wonderful. We have an outreach up here in Colville/ Onion Creek areas. We could use all of the DVD’s we can get. In the winter we can not go to church because we are out too far. So we like to do studies with people. Your sermons would help us greatly in reaching people. We would like all of the DVD’s that you can send. Thank you!L.F. Colville, WA

Dear Hope for Health, Just wanted you to know that our family is blessed by your ministry. Thank you for your truth-filled messages, both health and spiritual. Our prayers are with you. Sincerely,J.V. Portland, OR