Dear staff of Hope, I do love your little ?Good News? newsletter and all the great things in it, especially the health articles. I share them with everyone I can. This is the time of letting folks know how thankful they are, so? Praise God that you can continue to bless us all with your wit and wisdom for another year! Blessings.C.K. Estacada, OR

Hello, thanks so much for the wonderful articles in ?Our Firm Foundation.A.W. Springtown, TX

Thank you for the DVDs. The sermons and the health segments are part of our Sabbath day. Thank you!V.H. Amity, OR

Thank you for the Green Clay it really works – God bless your ministry!G.S. Detroit, MI

Dear Pastor Olson, thank you for all the wonderful DVDs last year and previous years. They have been a comfort and a blessing to me and my friends. May God continue to bless you and the Hope International family. God bless Dr. Olson too, her health information has been helpful and informative. Praise God! Sincerely,
D.H. Marrero, LA

God bless you all for the good work you are doing. And please keep us on the mailing list for your beautiful, ?Good News? newsletter. We appreciate it very much!. Thanks!E.T. & V.T. Canada

Dear Pastor Olson and staff, Thank you for the DVDs you send to me. They have truly been a blessing to me. Please pray for my daughter and son and their families. They need Jesus. After 40 years as a SDA, I am amazed how far we have drifted in certain areas. We need more of God’s Spirit than ever before. Many blessings to all of you! In Jesus’ love,M.S. Huntington Beach, CA

I like to send you a year-end gift. Thanks for the many blessings I received just from watching your program. Thank you. I have some health problems. Please pray for me. Thank you. God bless!A.M. Cocoa, FL

I enjoyed this a lot. It will work well for me when I’m unable to attend church!L.R. Vallejo, CA

Thank you very much for DVDs. I only get to church about once every seven months. My husband is ill. He got in Agent Orange in Viet Nam. The DVD really inspires me. I take care of him. It is a pleasure and a blessing to me. Keep up the good work. May God bless you and the team. Tell your daughter, I enjoy the message on toxics. Have a wonderful Sabbath. You will hear from me soon.M.D. Sumpter, S.C.