Immortality of the Soul & Spiritulism

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Much of the Christian world today believes that man has an immortal soul, and that when he dies his soul goes to heaven. This belief was handed down to us from paganism, and as with most heathen beliefs, there is no truth in it.
Theologians are thus accepting the philosophy of a heathen religion that was handed down by tradition instead of searching out the truth in the Bible.
While belief in the immortality of the soul seems an innocent philosophy, it lays the foundation of a whole false religion- spiritualism. It opens an unobstructed line of communications through which Satan with his confederate, evil angels can communicate soul-destroying errors to the unsuspecting living.
Spiritualism is more refined today. It enters some of the higher circles of society, and even the Christian churches, but it is still, in essence, the same ancient witchcraft which was an abomination to God, and which called for the death sentence upon those who practiced it in Israel.