Living the life of the lifegiver

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You can’t buy hope by the pound, faith by the gallon, or love by the yard. You can’t touch forgiveness, taste truth, or hear peace.

Why? Because all of these spiritual realities- along with many others- are intangibles. And an intangible is something without physical substance- something abstract.

For example, you can’t weigh or measure faith. None of your five senses can pick up on it. So how can you prove it exists?

When Jesus described faith, He made it so real that when He finished, His listeners knew what faith was. He did it by comparing faith with something His hearers were already familiar with. Instead of describing what faith is, he described what faith is like.

Through parables, Jesus linked divine truth with common, familiar objects and incidents- the harvest, the Shepard, the builder, the traveler, the homemaker.

Living the life of the Lifegiver combines two books previously published as thoughts from the mount of blessing and Christ’s Object Lessons.

This makes available to you the most compelling book ever written on Christ’s parables with the most insightful book ever published on His Sermon on the Mount.


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