Studies in Christian Education

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At the 1899 General Conference Session, E. A. Sutherland started the movement for a worldwide Seventh-day Adventist church school system as he declared: “We call our older brethren out of Babylon; but we let our children attend the Egyptian schools and learn Egyptian ways.” As president of four different colleges and a close confidant and student of Ellen G. White, E. A. Sutherland brings a wealth of historical information and present truth regarding God’s true plan of education. In a series of lectures, Dr. E. A. Sutherland asserted that the great Protestant denominations failed to give the first angel’s message in its fullness because they did not free themselves from the pagan system of education. They clung to this system, and it finally brought them to its own level, thus making them Babylon. The Seventh-day Adventist denomination came into existence because of this failure, and it must succeed where the others failed. Its destiny was to be a great reform movement, the greatest the world has ever known. The Lord has been telling our people that we as individuals are in positive danger of suffering the same defeat as those fallen churches if we still cling to worldly methods of education. These churches failed to give the midnight cry because of their wrong education. We as a people believe that we are about to enter upon the period of the latter rain, and we need to divest ourselves of any entanglements that keep us from fulfilling God’s true mission for us through Christian education, that the loud cry may be given. “Now as never before we need to understand the true science of education. If we fail to understand this, we shall never have a place in the Kingdom of God.” Ellen G. White, The Christian Educator, vol. 1, #2, August 1897.