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Bottle size: 90 capsules

Suggested adult usage: Take 2-4 capsules, three times a day on an empty stomach (otherwise with food if not tolerated well).

Approximate supply: 7-15 days

As its name suggests, Eyebright (also known as Euphrasia) is known as the single best herb for the eyes! It has been used since the Middle Ages in Europe to support and strengthen the eyes, nose, sinuses, and to fight colds and coughs. Eyebright relieves discomfort from eye strain and minor eye irritation, soothes itchy and watery eyes, hastens recovery from styes, helps improve vision, and has a cooling and detoxifying property that makes it especially useful in combating inflammation and allergies.

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Eyebright is commonly used for:

  • Headaches
  • Gastric disorders
  • Colds and allergies
  • Respiratory ailments
  • Fuzzy sight and “floaters”
  • Congestion in the head and chest
  • Damaged, weak, or “weeping” eyes
  • Improved mental clarity and memory

Eyebright for congestion/inflammation/secretions:
    Although Eyebright is best known for its use in conditions of the eye, it is also very helpful for respiratory conditions including allergies, colds, and inflammation of the lungs and sinuses. Eyebright contains astringent compounds known as tannins that may help to tighten the top layers of mucous membranes reducing mucus secretion, which in turn relieves irritation and improves tissue firmness. Consequently, many believe that Eyebright can help relieve the numerous symptoms associated with allergies.
    • The tannins act as astringents to help dry up secretions and relieve inflammation of the mucous membranes. This is helpful when dealing with allergies and inflammation of the eyes, sinuses, and nasal passages. The tannins, along with quercetin, a flavonoid found in Eyebright, are also believed to reduce allergic responsiveness by inhibiting the release of histamines.
    • The aucubin found in Eyebright has an anti-inflammatory action which is useful when there is a cough, hoarseness, or sore throat.
    • What the doctors are saying: ‘It’s a very good herb for relieving runny eyes, especially when they’re caused by allergies,’ confirms Claire Gibson, N.D., a naturopathic physician based in Oakland, California.

Eyebright for the eyes!
    The overall health of your eyes is important to help retain your healthy vision. Eyebright provides a unique synergistic blend of valuable micronutrients that work together to sustain overall eye health. This herb contains distinctive flavonoids, carotenoids, and antioxidants known to naturally nourish and protect the delicate cellular tissue of the eyes. Eyebright is a supportive herb that can help preserve healthy vision into and throughout your golden years! See the difference Eyebright can make!

Extremely high in nutrients, Eyebright contains:

Vitamins: A, B-Complex, C, D, and E.
Minerals: Iron, silicon, selenium, iodine, copper, and zinc.
Other valuable components: Tannins, iridoid glycosides such as aucubin, flavonoids such as rutin and quercetin, essential fatty acids, caffeic and ferulic acids, sterols, and choline.

Eyebright nutrients for eye health:
• The vitamins B, C, E, beta carotene, plus the copper and selenium found in Eyebright have been shown to improve clarity of eyesight (by one or more lines on the eye chart) over a 6 month period.
• When the body is deficient in B-vitamins, eye muscles may become paralyzed, light sensitivity may develop as well as itching, burning, and bloodshot or watery eyes.
• Nearsightedness can actually result from stress and the B-vitamins found in Eyebright can help protect the nerves from damage that is due to stress.
• In addition to helping reduce stress, vitamin B-1 (thiamin) is important for intracellular eye metabolism and vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) deficiency has been linked to major eye problems. Both of these B-vitamins are found in Eyebright and contribute to its remarkable effects on the eyes.
• Major eye problems have shown to be slowed by as much as 70% by using the Vitamins A, C, E and selenium- all of which are found in Eyebright.
• The antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, and beta carotene in Eyebright help to nourish and strengthen the eyes and prevent future eye problems. Even a slight deficiency of vitamin A can cause tired eyes, sensitivity to light, dry eyes, and susceptibility to infection.
Eyebright aids in stimulating the liver to clear the blood and relieve conditions that affect the clarity of vision.
• Vitamin A is crucial to the formation of “visual purple” for darkness adaptation, which is why Eyebright can help with night vision as well. A severe deficiency in vitamin A can even cause ulceration and distortion of the cornea and result in blindness.
• Zinc, copper, and selenium work as antioxidants to help protect and maintain the health of the eyes. Zinc is vital for normal lens function, night vision, and for maintaining healthy retinas. Fact: There is a higher concentration of zinc in the retina than in any other organ!
• The aucuboside found in Eyebright has an anti-inflammatory action which may accounts for its well-known reputation for soothing tired and inflamed eyes as well as improving weak eyesight.
• Rutin is known to offer nutritional support to the circulatory systems including the capillaries in eyes, helping to nourish and strengthen them.
• Several iridoid glycosides isolated from Eyebright, particularly aucubin, possess anti-inflammatory properties comparable to those of a commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory product.

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