Flaxseed Capsules

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Bottle size: 100 capsules

Suggested adult usage: 2-3 capsules daily

Approximate supply: 33-50 days

Fact: The oil of the flax plant is one of nature’s richest plant sources of the Omega 3 essential fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid (ALA) plus valuable linoleic fatty acid. Flax seed oil also contains lignans that contain powerful properties. These little seeds improve digestion, promote healthy cell growth, and enhance cardiovascular health.

  • Weight: 6.00 Ounces


Flaxseed Oil and Digestion 

Flax seeds contain 12% mucilage, which makes it a gentle, natural laxative. Flax seeds are perfect for individuals who have a sensitive stomach. Flax seed oil acts as a buffer for excess stomach acids and soothes ulcers and irritable bowel disorders. It also helps lubricate the digestive tract, absorbs toxins, and helps prevent toxic buildup in the bowl.

The Components of Flaxseed Oil:

Protein: There’s about 25g of protein for every 100g of flax seeds. The protein in flax seeds iseasily digested and contains a complete amino acid profile that your body needs.

Lignans: Lignans have powerful body-protective properties, and Flax seed has 75 to 800 percent more lignans than other vegetables and grains!!

Essential Fatty Acids: Flax seed oil is a rich source of 3 essential fatty acids: alpha linolenic acid, omega 3 essential fatty acid, and omega 6 essential fatty acid.


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