Joint Support

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Bottle size: 100 caplets

Suggested adult usage: Take 1-2 caplets, three times a day on an empty stomach (otherwise with food if not tolerated well).

Approximate supply: 16-33 days

Joint pain can be caused by many types of injuries or conditions. It can be a mild annoyance or an incapacitating obstacle that affects young and old, men and women, and people from all racial and ethnic groups. No matter what causes it, joint pain can be very bothersome. But the good news is, help is available! If you suffer from joint pain, regardless of the cause, Joint Support can help! Joint Support is a specially formulated blend of herbs and nutrients that help reduce inflammation and pain while nourishing the entire structural system (bones, muscles, and joints).

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Hope for Health’s Joint Support can help decrease:
Joint and muscle swelling, inflammation, and pain, the buildup of uric acid in the joints, and also muscle and joint fatigue.

Hope for Health’s Joint Support can help increase:
Range of motion in the joints, joint and muscle strength, and overall mobility.

Causes Of Joint Pain
Joint pain can be attributed to many causes, including degenerative conditions, sports injuries, or just the normal repetitive wear and tear of an active life. Here’s what happens, and why it hurts: between the bones in every joint is a layer of tissue called cartilage, which serves as a protective cushion and allows smooth movement with minimal friction. When cartilage is damaged or wears away, the bones rub against each other, causing discomfort, swelling, and stiffness.

Preventing Joint Pain
Unfortunately, joint pain cannot always be prevented. Injuries happen, and some conditions may involve hereditary or other factors out of your control. But staying active, in shape and at your recommended weight helps, as does a balanced diet, avoiding high-impact activities that put unnecessary strain on joints, and drinking plenty of water, which helps to hydrate the cartilage and keep it soft and supple!

Discover some of the benefits of the 29 extraordinary ingredients in Joint Support!!

  • Devil’s Claw – Harpagoside, the active ingredient in devil’s claw, helps reduce pain and inflammation in joints. May also help lower uric acid levels which can accumulate in the joints & cause pain.
  • Alfalfa Leaves – Helps relieve fluid retention, swelling, and pain.
  • Yucca – Reduces joint inflammation and pain while providing nutritional support to the structural system (bones, joints, muscles).
  • White Willow Bark – Renowned for anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing abilities, especially related to painful joints.
  • Cat’s Claw – Helps protect cartilage, the shock-absorbing tissue between bones. Also helps suppress joint pain and inflammation.
  • MSM – Reduces pain and swelling, improves joint flexibility and mobility, and repairs cartilage.
  • Horsetail – Rich in silica, horsetail (also called joint-grass) nourishes connective tissue and helps restore weak or damaged cartilage, joints, and bones.
  • Ginger – Has proven equally effective as conventional methods at relieving pain and inflammation.
  • Licorice – Helps alleviate joint pain and stiffness.
  • Bromelain – One of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatories known!
  • Evening Primrose Oil – Significantly reduces pain & inflammation.
  • Citrus Bio-Flavonoid Complex – Reduces inflammation & swelling.
  • Borage Seed Oil – Helps reduce joint pain, swelling, inflammation, and morning stiffness. Improves mobility and grip strength.
  • Vitamin A – Crucial to the formation of collagen and connective tissues, which is particularly helpful for joint pain.
  • Vitamin B6 – A deficiency of B6 raises the risk for joint problems.
  • Vitamin C – Reduces inflammation. Is essential for cartilage repair.
  • Vitamin D2 – Helps rebuild cartilage and strengthen the bones. A deficiency of vitamin D can even cause bone and joint pain.
  • Vitamin E – Enhances the repair of connective tissues. Helps relieve joint pain and leg cramps.
  • Calcium – This mineral helps improve bone density as well as relieving joint pain and improving mobility.
  • Magnesium – A deficiency of this mineral may cause leg cramps or joint pain. Magnesium also helps strengthen the bones by aiding calcium absorption.
  • Pantothenic Acid – Reduces joint inflammation and stiffness.
  • Niacinamide – Improves joint mobility, muscle strength, and decreases muscle fatigue. May completely eliminate joint pain.
  • Copper – A deficiency of this mineral can cause joint pain and weak bones. A powerful anti-inflammatory, it also helps reduce joint pain.
  • Selenium – Fights inflammation, pain, and stiffness of the joints.
  • Zinc – Helps reduce joint and muscle pain, fatigue, & inflammation.
  • Quercitin – A powerful bioflavonoid with significant anti-inflammatory properties. Helps reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Niacin – Improves joint mobility and muscle strength. Also decreases muscle and joint fatigue.
  • Boron – Helps the body to conserve magnesium and calcium. Helps prevent bone demineralization. Maintains healthy bones and joints.

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