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Bottle size:
100 capsules
240 capsules

Suggested adult usage: 1-2 capsules, three times a day on an empty stomach (otherwise with food if not tolerated well).

Approximate supply:
100 capsules:16-33 days
240 capsules:40-80 days 

Anamú helps regulate the production of white blood cells, increase the strength of the immune system, reduce uric acid buildup (buildup can cause joint pain), aid in a variety of skin problems, reduce inflammation throughout the body, soothe the mucous membranes, reduce chest congestion, and improve oxygenation of the lungs!

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Anamú is a flowering plant species of the pokeweed family native to many parts of South America, Mexico, Central America, Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. This perennial shrub is known for its strong garlic-like smell, as well as its powerful health-giving properties. While its botanical name is Petiveria Alliacea, it is commonly known as garlic weed, guinea hen weed, or gully root.

Some of the many benefits of Anamú:

  • Anamú contains active ingredients such as tannins, polyphenols, and benzyl-2-hydroxyethyl-trisulfide, which serve as protectors of the body’s cells, making Anamú highly effective for many health problems.
  • Anamú helps dissolve the build-up of toxins and uric acid in the fluid that surrounds all cells; which if not removed regularly by the body, can produce an unhealthy internal environment that can lead to a variety of degenerative conditions.
  • Anamú helps stimulate the production of interferon, an important factor in the protection and regeneration of cells, which inhibits damaging agents and prevents the growth and spread of unhealthy cells.
  • Anamú fights unhealthy cell growth, however, unlike some conventional products, this herb has the unique ability to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy cells, violently attacking the unhealthy cells and abnormal tissues while leaving the healthy cells and tissues safe and unharmed.
  • Anamú offers a mild sedative action, making it a good soothing herb for stress, anxiety, and irritability. It also helps reduce muscle spasms and nervous tension.
  • Anamú acts as an antioxidant, reducing the free radical damage throughout the body that can cause your cells and tissues to “rust”.

Anamú and the Immune System
In a 1993 study with mice, a water extract of Anamú stimulated immune cell production (lymphocytes and Interleukin II). In the same year, another study with mice demonstrated that an Anamú extract increased natural killer cell activity by 100% and stimulated the production of even more types of immune cells (Interferon, Interleukin II, and Interleukin IV). Additional research from 1997 to 2001 further substantiated Anamú’s immuno-stimulant actions in both animals and humans.

Anamú, used for years around the world!

Anamú has a long history of use in all the countries where it grows. Herbalists and natural-health practitioners have traditionally used Anamú for a wide variety of health problems, including joint pain, digestive disorders, infections, chronic pain, lung problems, endocrine imbalances, and to counteract unhealthy cell growth. Many tribes throughout Latin America considered it one of the most powerful herbs on the planet!

  • Throughout Central America women use Anamú to relieve birthing pains and facilitate easy childbirth, as it helps stimulate uterine contractions.
  • Anamú is commonly used throughout South and Central America to hasten recovery from colds, coughs, respiratory problems, and to support the immune system.
  • In Guatemala, Anamú tea is taken internally for digestive ailments and sluggish digestion, flatulence, and fever. It is also applied externally to relieve muscular pain and to improve skin health.
  • In Brazil it is considered an antispasmodic, diuretic, energizer, and menstrual promoter. Herbalists there use
  • Anamú for swelling, joint pain, poor memory, and topically as a pain reliever, anti- inflammatory, and for skin problems.
  • In Cuba, the extract is used as an anti-inflammatory and powerful immune system stimulant.
  • Guatemalan tribes used its crushed roots as an inhalant for sinus problems.
  • Peruvian tribes revered it as one of the most powerful cold remedies.

While this was in the past, over the last quarter of a century modern scientific research has studied Anamú intensively. Many biologically active compounds have been discovered in Anamú that now validate many of the historical uses of this herb. Researchers also found that of the 20 compounds isolated from the plant – several of which had never been identified in nature before – many were similar to compounds found in garlic, a plant revered for its beneficial properties.

Anamú is tried and true! Centuries of documented use have shown amazing health benefits! If you would like to give your immune system a boost like it’s never known, try Anamú today!

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