Swedish Bitters Mud – 8 oz. tub

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Bottle size: 8 oz. tub

Suggested adult usage: see below

Approximate supply: depends on usage

Did you know that currently, nearly 34 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain? What’s worse is that many of them are significantly disabled by it, sometimes permanently. It seems everyone is hurting! What can you do when you need relief but don’t want to turn to dangerous chemicals with pages of side effects? You use Swedish Bitters Mud

Swedish Bitters Mud is a highly potent herbal blend that can be applied externally for serious pain relief from injuries, joint pain, and even chronic back or nerve pain. Countless people testify to the power of this Mud, even when nothing else offers relief. Try Swedish Bitters Mud and feel the pain melt away! 

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We have the answer!
Thousands of people have now seen phenomenal results from using Hope for Health’s Swedish Bitters Mud! Pain is relieved, mobility is improved, people who once tossed and turned can now sleep soundly through the whole night, and more! The relief that people experience, whether it’s from occasional pain, an injury, or chronic pain, is nothing short of miraculous. 

Sore or damaged muscles, joint fatigue, chronic back pain, and so much more can be improved from a single application of Swedish Bitters Mud. Once the mud is prepared and applied as recommended, some people report having instant relief. We have seen and heard many testimonies from people giving glowing reports of the success of just one application of our Swedish Bitters Mud

Natural Pain Relief
If you suffer from pain and have found no other relief (including strong narcotic pain relievers), give Swedish Bitters Mud a try! Within a few minutes you can already feel the warmth as the mud starts working on the affected area. 

What is Swedish Bitters “Mud”?
Although we fondly call it Swedish Bitters Mud”, it really should be called Swedish Bitters “Gold”,” as it is basically one of the strongest and most powerful herbal products we have found! It is even more concentrated and effective than the regular Swedish Bitters Extract for aches and pains! 

The reason it works so well is that it is made from the super-saturated, rich herbal pulp that is left over after macerating and straining the 11 herbs that make up the Swedish Bitters Extract! It is perfect for compresses and poultices, as it is nutrient-dense, works fast, and penetrates deep into the tissues to provide lasting relief. And not only do you get immediate pain relief, but since your skin absorbs the liquid, your body reaps all the benefits of the Swedish Bitters Extract: cleansing the area, reducing inflammation, and speeding regeneration and renewal of the cells and tissues in the specific target area. 

For deep and lasting pain relief, try Swedish Bitters Mud today! Many individuals notice improvement after only one application!! 

How to use Swedish Bitters Mud
Swedish Bitters Mud is a characteristically strong herbal formula with an exceptional ability for relieving pain. It has been used, even very sparingly, with great success! 

The way it is made, it is very coarse with the stem, root, and leaf residue left over from making the Swedish Bitters Extract. Though it can be used in this state, you will find that you will require less mud (and wear it more comfortably) if you process it first. Therefore, we recommend that you place the mud (stems, roots, and all) in a blender with additional Swedish Bitters Extract (if it is not liquid enough to blend), enough to achieve the consistency that will work as a moist paste. Once you have achieved the desired consistency, return the mud to the jar or another dark colored jar. After it is prepared, the mud poultice can be used for any number of conditions, including: pain, inflammation, infection, swelling, unsightly growths, and more!

Directions for Use:
1. Spread a thin layer over the affected area. If the mud is applied too thick it may cause mild skin irritation. If you have very sensitive skin you may wish to apply a thin layer of Calendula Cream to moisturize before you apply the mud.
2. Next, using either gauze, a clean cloth, or a paper towel, make a moist compress by saturating the material with Swedish Bitters Extract (or liquid from the Swedish Bitters Mud), but not to the point of dripping. Squeeze out most of the excess back into the jar and then add a thin layer of mud to the fabric – just enough to make a solid layer.
3. Apply to the affected area – with the mud directly on the skin and cover with a layer of plastic wrap so the poultice won’t dry out. As long as the mud is moist, it is working.
4. We have found that the poultice will become warm almost instantly after application. As long as the poultice is warm to the individual wearing it, the Swedish Bitters Mud is working. Once it begins to cool, it is finished. Do not keep the poultice on for more than 1 hour at a time.
5. Remove the poultice and discard it in the trash (do not reuse). Poultices can be applied twice a day or as tolerated by the individual. We recommend that poultices applied once a day be done an hour before bed-time to give the body time to rejuvenate and heal through the night before beginning activity the following day. 


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