Colloidal Silver Soap 3.9 oz.

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Available Size: 3.9 oz. bar
Use as often as needed to wash

Colloidal Silver Soap 

This all natural, hand crafted silver soap is simply amazing! Use it daily to provide the numerous benefits of colloidal silver to your skin. It’s made with organic oils and contains an abundance of silver nano particles that easily penetrate deep below the surface of the skin, down into the depths of each pore. This silver soap is designed to support optimal skin health. It conditions the skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and younger looking. Silver soap may also deodorize the skin and provide relief from itching. 

  • Weight: 3.90 Ounces
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Why Colloidal?
This term refers to a substance that consists of ultra-fine particles that are suspended in a medium of a different matter (i.e. a non-soluble mineral suspended in water). The particles of mineral or in this case, silver are over 1,000 times smaller than a human blood cell and the water is clear. This ultra small particle size allows the silver to easily travel throughout the body and be eliminated on a continuous basis, with no risk of build-up.

Protect Your Skin:
We give much consideration to what we eat, what we put in our mouth, but what about what you put on your skin? Your skin is highly absorbent, so give it pure nutrients to absorb rather than nasty toxins found in many soaps. Your skin covers up to 20 square feet of your body! It is a protective shield for your internal organs and muscles; it is your first line of defense against harmful substances!

Powerful Germicide:
Hope for Health’s Colloidal Silver Soap has been shown to act as a powerful germicide, natural antibiotic and efficient bacterial killer. Extensive research on silver found it to be highly effective in destroying over 600 types of illness causing bacteria! It will also inhibit the growth of yeasts, mold and fungi! Further studies have noted that there is no known illness causing organism that can live in the presence of even minute traces of colloidal silver! It has better antibiotic properties than any pharmaceutical drug and their are no nasty side effects!

Ingredients: Colloidal Silver, Saponified oils of: Organic Olive oil, Coconut oil, Organic Palm Kernal oil, Organic Palm oil, Mixed Tocopherals (Vitamin E)