Oregano – 90 capsules

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Available Size: 90 capsules

Suggested Adult Usage: Take 1-2 capsules daily with food

Your only association with oregano may be using it as a spice in your tomato sauces. However, if you limit the use of oregano to the kitchen you are doing this medicinal herb a great disservice, as it contains a host of vitamins, fiber and minerals! Oregano contains potent phytochemicals (compounds that keep your cells healthy) that provide numerous health benefits! Not just for pizza any more!

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Five Benefits of Oregano:
Antioxidant for Immune System Support – One active agent in oregano is rosmarinic acid, which is a strong antioxidant that may support immune system health. Oregano has one of the HIGHEST antioxidant activity ratings! It has 42 times the antioxidant punch of apples!

Antifungal and Antibacterial – Carvacol and thymol are two of the phytochemicals in oregano; they have both been shown to be powerful antimicrobials. Researchers have found that oregano may be able to destroy some of the superbugs that make our lives miserable!

Anti-inflammatory PropertiesOregano contains beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP), a substance that inhibits inflammation and may also be beneficial for many conditions that cause chronic pain from inflammation.

Useful for Upper Respiratory IssuesOregano also has potential anti-viral activity that may relieve symptoms quickly in upper respiratory complaints. Oregano encourages sweat production as a mode of detox and ingesting it may help your body to get rid of unwanted phlegm in your lungs.

Inhibits the Growth of Unhealthy CellsOregano has been shown to lead to growth arrest and unhealthy cell death. The phytochemical carnosol contained in oregano has been evaluated for its properties that inhibit the growth of unhealthy cells.

Oregano is widely known as nature’s potent germ-killer. Not only is it highly respected within the natural health community; it is also being widely studied within the scientific community for its vast medical uses. 

Oregano Has Many Naturally Occurring Nutrients: 

Vitamin K – This important vitamin promotes bone growth, the maintenance of bone density and the production of blood clotting proteins.
B Vitamins – The 11 members of what’s known as the vitamin B complex are critical nutrients for all things mind-related: mood, memory, sadness, and they can quell anxiety. B vitamins will also give you an extra boost of energy to get you through even the toughest day!
Vitamin A – Oregano is a rich source of this skin-nourishing vitamin. It has been found to be useful for all skin problems including blemishes and dry skin.
Potassium – This mineral is required for keeping the heart, brain, kidney, muscle tissue and other important organ systems of the body in good condition. Potassium working in association with sodium is able to perform a number of critical body tasks.
Zinc – It’s involved in the production of at least 300 enzymes and lends a hand in hundreds of body processes, from producing DNA to maintaining cells. This mineral may help us sleep better at night, which provides a host of additional benefits.
Iron – The health benefits of iron relate to the proper growth of the body and maintenance of robust health. It is an essential protein component for metabolism, and the body needs iron to produce red blood cells.
Calcium – Most of us know it is essential for your bones and teeth, but it also plays a major role in many important bodily functions such as healthy muscle contraction and blood clotting.
Magnesium – Magnesium is one of the most overlooked minerals, but the body uses it in more than 300 reactions – many of which give you energy. A chronic lack of magnesium in the body yields many consequences. Some of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency include fatigue, weakness, anxiety, and irritability.
Fiber – Dietary fiber intake provides many health benefits. However, average fiber intakes for U.S. children and adults are less than half of the recommended levels! Individuals with high intakes of dietary fiber appear to be at significantly lower risk for developing heart health issues, pancreas difficulties and certain gastrointestinal problems.

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