Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our health consultation is 100% free! There is no catch!
We are able to do this because we have a very dedicated group of health care professionals who are more interested in people than they are in money. They work at Hope for Health at a wage that is far less than what they could get from other health institutions. We rely on donations from generous people who want to help others, and on the sales of our health products to help defray the costs of helping others with their health problems.
We believe that some of the most effective means of helping people regain their health is found in nature. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, rest, diet, natural herbs, trust in the Creator, are all very beneficial, and many times can lead to complete restoration of health when properly and judiciously used. We believe that many ‘conventional’ methods of healing can actually aggravate an already poor state of health. Which brings us back to helping people for the sake of helping them, not for the sake of monetary gain.
All of the money goes back into the work to help more people. There are no stockholders, there are no fees that are paid to people for dividends, etc. All of the money goes right back into reaching more and more people.
Knowing that the majority of animals of today have so many diseases and are kept in pens and fed antibiotics, growth hormones, and even dead and diseased animals, we choose not to include them in our products. We believe that drugs, vitamins, or herbal supplements that contain animal products are not safe. The scientific community is full of studies that prove the negative effects of meat eating; if you are trying to get away from the disease from meat, why would you then choose to ingest it in your vitamin and mineral supplements?
No. We give no one absolutes. There is definitely a place for prescription drugs. Our emphasis is in trying to achieve health in as natural a way as possible.
We never suggest that you quit taking the medications you are on, without the advice of your doctor. We suggest that you talk to your doctor about including the natural remedies in your health plan and see if your situation improves. If it does, then you and your doctor can discuss reducing or possibly eliminating your prescription dependence.
Every person is different. Everyone has a different diets, different needs, different environmental situations. Just as your doctor will try out a medication for a period of time before determining if it has been effective, we always suggest giving the natural remedy at least 6-8 weeks to see if you experience any improvement. Often, the herb is discontinued prematurely and it does not have a proper chance to start working in the body. Then the individual gets frustrated, thinking the problem lies in the herb. Be patient. Give your body time to heal.
Absolutely not! Just as one drug may work better for one person and not as well for another, the same applies to herbal remedies. We are all made differently. Everyone is exposed to different environmental situations, different work, different stress, different diets, etc. There are many herbs that work in a similar fashion or work differently but treat the same condition, just like with pharmaceuticals. If one doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. Try another one; it may work better for your body’s composition. That is why we carry more than one product for each condition.
There can be problems taking certain herbs with certain prescription medications. Always seek the advice of a health care professional before mixing vitamins, herbal supplements, and prescription medications.
Since many people equate ‘equality’ with ‘high price’ many herbal supplement providers are able to sell a product with a high price, and because it’s so expensive, people assume that it MUST be better, healthier, higher quality, etc. However, we don’t charge an outrageous price just to make people think it is good. Our products ARE good! We get testimonials each day about how our products and suggestions are helping more and more people live healthier, happier lives. We make far less profit than many organizations out there because again, we don’t do this for the money!
Yes you can, but you are not promised what the quality of the herb or vitamin will be. Remember, all of these businesses are there to make money. You make money in only two ways; increase revenue or decrease costs. If their herb or vitamin is as economic as ours, there is a chance that it may be made with cheaper, lower-quality ingredients than ours. In addition, every penny of profit from the products goes back into the work so we are able to offer FREE health counseling. If you appreciate the counseling, buying the products will help to keep the program going!
We try very carefully to pick only the best ingredients with the highest quality to use in our products. In addition, we have a chemist who works on each individual formula to make sure it is safe and that it has the right amount of each ingredient. However, even with all of this, some people may have a sensitivity to an herb in one of our products. To date we have only had 1* reported side effect and it was a slight allergic response to an herb in one of our formulas.

*NOTE: When doing cleanses, the body is releasing toxins and you may feel a lack of energy or like you are getting the flu, this is a normal reaction to the cleansing process as with any other internal cleanse/detoxification (called a healing crisis), and should only last a few days. This is NOT a ‘side effect’. It is not an effect of the cleanse, but rather a part of the detoxification process. After your body has effectively began eliminating the toxic substances, the healing crisis should end and you should feel a noticeable increase in energy and feel great! The products that this applies to are our cleansing products: Green Clay and possibly Colon Clear and Swedish Bitters.
Some of our products are safe for children to take; however the dosage is dependent on age and weight. Please call us for dosage information on specific products.

**If you have any other Frequently Asked Questions you would like to see, please send them via our Contact page. We will be sure to get back to you with a prompt response to your question(s), and as always, we appreciate all your feedback on our site and services!